Shickshinny Post Office to Reopen

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There is a small glimmer of hope for a flood-ravaged community in Luzerne County. The U.S. Postal Service announced it will repair and reopen the post office in Shickshinny.

That community lost its only supermarket and only bank to the high water. Many people feared the post office was gone for good too.

Most of Shickshinny was swamped by the Susquehanna River in September, the worst flood the community has seen and all that water claimed a lot of businesses.

In all of that water was the post office.

Since then, the building has sat empty. It is still a mess inside, but now comes the news from the postal service that it will reopen.

That word makes many in Shickshinny happy.

"I sure am. I worked there for 12 or 13 years as a janitor, whatever you call it, a cleaning lady," said Eve Malishchak. The clean-up job would have been way too much for her. "I wouldn't want to go in there now, cause it's quite a mess."

The postal service said the place does need a complete gutting but hopes to have it done and the place open in 60 days.

People who talked with Newswatch 16 said it has been tough with no post office nearby.

"You have to either have somebody to take you cause I don't drive, and it's hard to find someone, you know what I mean, that you can depend on," said Harriet Hess.

People Newswatch 16 talked with said they certainly are happy they are getting their post office back, but they said after the flood they need so much more.

"We need everything here. This town is dead. We need stores and places to go to," said Virginia Ottaviani.

They especially want a place to buy food. The supermarket owner said he is not coming back. The Dollar Store is still shut too.

People in Shickshinny hope the post office is the start of more recovery.

"It's a help, but we need a lot more, so hopefully we get it," Ottaviani added.

The postal service says it is currently getting quotes and trying to line up funding for the repairs, but again, the hope is to have the Shickshinny Post Office back open in two months.