Power To Save Expo Recycling

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Electronic Recycling Event

Home and Backyard Expo

In an effort to decrease the burden of landfill space and utilize electronic components that still have functional life, WNEP-TV is conducting an Electronic Recycling Event in conjunction with WNEP’s Power To Save Project. We all have old computers and TV’s we don’t know what to do with, here’s your chance to save some space in your home and a landfill. WNEP is teaming up with nationally-recognized Eco-International.

Electronic Recycling Hours:

Friday: March 16th: 1pm – 6:00pm

Saturday: March 17th: Noon – 6:00pm

Sunday, March 18th: Noon – 4:00pm


Wyoming Valley Mall Parking Lot near JC Penney / Chili’s / Lay-Z-Boy

Do not take equipment into the Mall building

What is being recycled and accepted?

Computers, Monitors, Printers, and Televisions

No other electronics


Absolutely FREE!!!!

Who is eligible to participate?

Residents of WNEP-TV’s viewing area – northeastern and central Pennsylvania

Residential and Business recycling is welcomed. For larger quantities, please contact Bill Schultz prior to the event.

Electronic Recycling Company doing the recycling, covering all expenses of collection and redistribution:

ECO International with headquarters in Vestal, NY. This company handles the electronic recycling for many Pennsylvania counties as well as locations across the US.

How does it work?

Cars will be directed out of the traffic flow and into lines for collection.

Each collection row will hold up to 5 cars being emptied at a time

Viewers don’t need to get out of their cars, simply open the trunk or car door and collection workers will be sure equipment gets put into proper area

Tractor-trailers will be loaded on site to be transported to processing center

What about my computer’s hard drive?

If you know how, viewers are encouraged to “format” and wipe clean their hard drives

Additionally, ECO International has agreed to physically destroy or wipe clean all hard drives collected in this recycling drive

ECO International complies to U.S. Department of Defense standards and assures viewers all personal data will be removed and/or destroyed, protecting you from potential Identity Theft.

What happens to my equipment next?

Tune in to WNEP-TV’s Power To Save Special for a look at the process:

Components are dismantled

Plastics are separated

Glass is separated

Electronic components sorted

All sorted materials are then recycled

Thank you for using your Power To Save!

Contact: Bill Schultz (570) 346-7474 x-2306