More Flood Protection for Danville

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A  $3 million fix is on the way to better protect people from flooding in Montour County.

The September floods marked a scarey time for parts of Danville. Although workers did their best to sandbag a space in the existing flood wall, the area flooded anyway.

Danville officials don't seem to know why breaks in the flood wall were not filled in years ago when the project was built.

"I can't answer that. I asked that from everybody that I thought would know and I really don't know. When they put the wall up to protect. They had to know it was going to come through that hole," said Danville Mayor Ed Cole.

Now comes word that those spaces in the flood wall will be filled in thanks to a $3 million state grant to Danville.

The owner of Whadda Pizza, Randy Boyer,  welcomes the news.

"It's good, a little late, maybe we'll be protected in the future," Boyer said. He added his business is back and thriving despite the damage. He spent $12,000 to repair the restaurant. "It was a mess. It destroyed everything, the food, I lost refrigeration, my ovens still need repair. It was a disaster you know."

Several other businesses folded but the folks at Scott's Floral did not give up. Scott Edwards owns the flower shop. "The water did it's toll. Anything three feet or below was completely destroyed. We had seven dumpsters that hauled the trash out," Edwards said.

Officials expect the flood control improvements to begin sometime this spring in Danville.