Fire Damages Home in Monroe County

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A man in the Poconos wants answers after fire destroyed his home and everything in it.  The man also said some of his valuable items were stolen.

Martin Wieczorek spent the morning Wednesday sifting through the charred remains of his home near Marshalls Creek.  The place went up in flames soon after he left for work.

Wieczorek said his neighbor called to tell him the news.

"I was going nuts. I didn`t know what happened. I didn`t know if it started from the wood burner or what, but it looks like somebody torched my house after they robbed me," said Wieczorek.

Firefighters arrived on scene around 8 a.m. Wednesday to a house destroyed by fire.

When firefighters arrived on scene to tackle the blaze they noticed immediately that a back door was open, which led them to believe that it was more than just a fire.

"The gun cabinet that was steel was 700 plus pounds, is missing from the dwelling.  Inside, about 40 guns total," said Marhshalls Creek Fire Chief John Quaresimo.

Wieczorek said a safe was also taken. It contained family valuables and his coin collection.

The home is destroyed and mostly everything in it.  However, Wieczorek did recover a very valuable possession he thought was lost in the blaze.

"My wife`s ashes. I found them in the rubble, which I`m very grateful for having them back," said Wieczorek.

He strongly believes someone is responsible for torching his home and stealing from him.

Troopers call the fire suspicious.  They are investigating the missing guns and the missing safe.  The state police fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.