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Fire Marshal Investigating Restaurant Blaze

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A state police fire marshal is trying to determine what caused a fire that destroyed a restaurant in Wayne County.

A charred pile of wood is all that remains from The Water’s Edge Restaurant at Lake Lorraine Golf Course near Pleasant Mount.

The building was destroyed by fire on Saturday and parts of the burnt pile are still smoking.

"Ugh, not very good, it's just a mess," said Alan Kulakosky of Orson.

Fire officials said they received a call the restaurant caught fire around 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

One man who lives less than a mile away from the restaurant said he saw the fire trucks Saturday night and can’t believe the entire building has been turned to a pile of charred rubble.

"I was sitting in my living room and I happened to look out and said, 'Why is my fireplace reflecting in a window?' Then I looked out and it was the building on fire," said David Bucic of Lake Lorraine.

"It's quite the thing. I was surprised when I heard it. I knew something was going on Saturday night because all these lights were flashing around, fire trucks were going back and forth," said Kulakosky.

Fire officials said by the time they arrived on scene, flames were shooting out of the restaurant. Fire officials said the cold weather that night made it difficult to fight the blaze because temperatures were in the teens, which caused the water in the fire trucks to freeze.

Fire officials said they extinguished the blaze before midnight.

The state police fire marshal is investigating.

Firefighters said the owner is out of town. There is no word whether he plans to rebuild after the devastating fire at The Water’s Edge Restaurant near Pleasant Mount.