Winter Fun Day

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Skiers and snowboarders are not alone in celebrating winter`s late arrival in the past couple of weeks.

A local boy scout troop held its winter fun day at Kirby Park in an event that`s just not as much fun, without the snow and colder temperatures.

Parts of Kirby Park, looked like it normally would on any weekend winter day.

But look at the stacked kindling, or the yellow hats on younger boys, and you could see the scouts learning the steps they need to take if they had to camp out in the winter cold.

Remember the boy scout motto, 'be prepared!'

“We`re learning how to build a shelter in case of an accident happening,” said Trevor Grohowski of Nanticoke.

“It keeps you out of the weather. It will keep you warm when you start building a fire. It will give you somewhere to sleep and somewhere to feel safe,” said Chandler Prymowicz of Nanticoke.

Who doesn`t want somewhere to feel safe, but that isn`t the only adventure scouts have at the Two Mountain District Winter Fun Day.

They moved the game of dodgeball from the gym to the snowy fields.

They tried to lob big snowballs on a catapult.

And what scout isn`t up for a game of paintball, but in this game, they used slingshots to fire balls of paint.

The director for the scouting troop said these events make scouts and their families look forward to being out in the cold.

“You`re not sitting home. You`re out and you`re learning a little skill. And you`re having a lot of fun staying safe while you`re doing it,” said Scouting Director John Sepcoski.

John Sepcoski said this is the busiest winter fun festival to date, with more than a thousand scouts, and their families.

During last year`s event, 40 degree temperatures melted snow, and took away from the adventure the scouts enjoyed this year.

“You know what?  We got snow, and it`s the perfect, perfect day to be outside,” said Sepcoski.