Doctors React to Child Abuse Cases

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Since Monday, Newswatch 16 covered close to a half dozen cases of parents accused of abusing their children. Parents charged with breaking their babies bones, shaking their infants and putting them at risk while they took drugs.

It has gotten the attention of doctors at Geisinger Wyoming Valley near Wilkes-Barre.  Dr. Adnan Allan said sadly child abuse is nothing new and a lot of times parents simply feel overwhelmed.

"When you feel like things are over your head, crying, don`t be afraid to just step out of the room. Take 10 minutes. It`s okay if the baby cries for 10 or 15 minutes," said Dr. Allan.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates all new parents must watch a video on shaken baby syndrome and sign a form before they can leave the hospital.

The video explains what happens when someone shakes a child, and how parents can cope with a crying baby.

"The hope is they watch that and it`s some information and then it`s our job to reinforce that," added Dr. Allan.

Zubeen Saeed owns and operates the Building Blocks Learning Center in Plains Township. It's a place where hundreds of parents drop off their children every day, and some parents, especially young ones, need to be educated.

"I don`t think people realize becoming a parent requires skills and I think it`s important as adults we take the initiative and learn to develop these skills," said Saeed.

Parents of newborns at Geisinger are also given brochures on shaken baby syndrome and how to cope with a crying child.