Nanticoke Residents Demand Crime Crackdown

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Dozens of people gathered at Nanticoke's City Council meeting Wednesday night demanding something be done about the Prospect Street Cafe, after a New Year’s Day slashing in the bar.

Jenn Mieczkowski, 30, was slashed in the face inside the business. Police are still searching for the person responsible.

"It's not just what happened to Jenn, it's that children walk past there, you know 4 p.m. and people are asking them to buy drugs. It's just a trouble bar and I don't think people, especially children, should be subjected to it," said Ashlee Mieczkowski, Jenn's sister.

Council members said they understand people's frustrations.

"I know that there's lots of frustrations that there hasn't been an arrest yet and the only thing that I can tell you is that there is an ongoing investigation," said one council member to the crowd.

Nanticoke's mayor said the investigation into the slashing is ongoing and as for the bar, it has not been deemed a nuisance bar and therefore, there is nothing the city can do to shut it down.

Those at Wednesday's meeting said they understand all that, they just want the community to come together, not just to solve the crime against Mieczkowski, but in general to cut down on violence and crime in Nanticoke.

"We're asking the residents and the people here tonight to come along and join us because it doesn't take one person to protect this town, it takes the whole city to protect this town," said Denise Pearson, Jenn's cousin.

"It's kind of like having a stick. If you have one stick, it's easy to break, but if you have a bunch of sticks and you bundle them together, it's hard to break and that's why we're here. We want to work with the police, work with crime watches in the area," said the head of the Wilkes-Barre Guardian Angels organization Jason Weston.

An attorney for the Prospect Street Cafe said the bar is meeting all its requirements to have a liquor license and has not been deemed a nuisance bar.