Men Break Into Home Where Babysitter Was Watching Infant

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A babysitter in South Scranton had a frightening afternoon Wednesday after some armed men reportedly broke into the home where she was watching an infant!

Scranton police said the men then ransacked the home before fleeing.

Scranton police cars and a crime scene van were at a house on Cedar Avenue for hours after a reported home invasion robbery.

A girl, who was there babysitting a three-month old baby, told officers two or three black men broke into the home and brandished a gun.

Police said they took her and the infant to an upstairs bedroom, told her not to move, while they ransacked the home, looking for valuables.

The men eventually left the house.

Neighbors on the Southside said they’re getting fed up with all the crime.

“It’s scary because years ago you could stay right here and leave your doors open, today you got to double lock,” said John Balko.

The babysitter told police when she didn’t hear the men downstairs she ran from the house to a business a block away on Cedar Avenue and called police.

An employee at LJC Janitorial Supplies did not want to talk, but an employee at nearby Dimare Fresh said they know they work in a rough area.

“This neighborhood, you kidding me? This neighborhood is terrible anymore,” said Dimare employee Jimmy Hart. “They got to do something around here. That’s why we put the video cameras up, the surveillance cameras and everything, it’s terrible around here.”

Hart said Dimare offered its surveillance video for police to review it, in case the cameras caught something.

“Yeah, we were just looking at it. They’re going to come back and look at it again, follow up on it, you know? So hopefully they can find something on that,” said Hart.

Neighbors are hoping the men are caught soon too.

They said too much violence is happening in the Southside.

“The whole Southside’s bad,” said Tom Balko. “Like you got a lot of different people moving in and slum landlords.”

“No it’s bad, it really is. It’s sad because it’s not like it was years ago when you can say hello to somebody, you have to watch who you even say hello,” said John Balko.

Luckily police said the babysitter and the infant were unharmed.

Anyone with information on this home invasion is asked to call Scranton Police.