Man Accused of Injuring Infant Son

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A man from Edwardsville is locked up after police said he caused severe injuries to his son when the child was just six weeks old.

The alleged abuse took place last August, but police arraigned Kevin Getz, 25, Wednesday morning.

Court papers show the child suffered numerous injuries, including fractured legs and ribs and bruises. Police said the infant’s father admitted he is the one who caused those injuries.

According to court papers, the abuse happened last summer at the baby’s mother’s apartment in Edwardsville. Police said the mother noticed the boy had a swollen leg, and took him to the hospital last August.

Tests revealed far worse injuries, such as fractured legs and ribs and bruises. Police said Getz admitted causing those injuries shortly before he was about to take a lie detector test.

“It wasn`t that the investigation took so long. We had to do a lot of medical testing to make sure it wasn`t something that leads us to believe something else caused the injuries. Just waiting for test results to come back, that`s why it took that long,” explained Edwardsville Police Officer Mike Lehman.

Neighbors said they can’t believe someone would hurt a six-week-old baby.

“I have a baby on the way. I`m pregnant right now. Someone like that living two doors down from me.  I`m disgusted. It makes me sick to my stomach,” said neighbor Star Rowles.

“I think it`s sad.  They both should pay. I’ve seen the baby. He was adorable. The cutest little thing you ever wanted to see,” said neighbor Debra Ricek.

Officer Lehman called this one of the most disturbing cases of abuse he’s ever seen.

“I have a child the same age. It’s very disturbing. No law enforcement officer would want to investigate this. It`s part of our job we have to do it,” said Lehman.

Getz is being held at the Luzerne County jail on $50,000 bail.

Police added the mother’s three children, including the six week old, were removed from her home by Children and Youth Services. The prosecutor working this case said the investigation continues and charges against the mother cannot be ruled out.