For Sale: Ali’s Training Camp

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Muhammad Ali, one of the worlds greatest fighters, turned 70 this week. A place he called home for many years is in Schuylkill County and is now for sale.

Muhammad Ali called himself "The greatest."  He proved it time after time, usually with knock-out punches.  For years he trained at a camp near Deer Lake.

The camp is still there.  On the walls are all kinds of pictures and newspaper articles about Ali. So is  the kitchen table, where Ali would eat with his team. Outside on the rocks you can find some of Ali's foes and friends, all great fighters.

Dan Kelly works for the City of Pottsville. He remembers going  to the camp when he was in high school."One time we went down with a group of younger children. We took them down for the afternoon when he was sparring. It was interesting. The younger ones got a big kick out of them. He was very receptive to all the people when they would come in," Kelly said.

Dan Blatt said he is the caretaker of the former Ali training camp.  "I wonder what it would have been like to see it all. I was born in '77 so I missed a lot of all that growing up as a kid. I didn't know exactly where it was at. I always wanted to go there and who would think I'd be taking care of the property," Blatt said.

Allen Dillman's parents own the camp. He said the camp has a special connection to many people. "People come here from South America and all over the world and it's like their shrine to them and they're boxers and they have to see this before going back home. People who have seen this are from all over the world, let alone this country," Dillman said.

The owner of the Muhammad Ali training camp said it's the  biggest piece of of Ali memorabilia in the world. If you want to buy it you can. The asking price is $ 575,000.