Alleged Child Abuse in Sunbury

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New information is coming to light about what led to the child abuse charges against a father and his girlfriend in Sunbury.

Both are accused of attacking a two-year-old boy several times, authorities said at times, so severely the child suffered broken bones and bruises.

The woman accused of beating the child told police she wants to be a pediatric nurse, and only a psychopath would do that to a child.  But those dreams may be put on hold.  Grabbing and squeezing the child's face, beating him and yelling at him are just some of the things the couple is accused of doing to the two-year-old boy.

Police said the two-year-old child was severely beaten last week by his father and his father's girlfriend at their home in Sunbury. Police arrested Jason Philhower and April Baker on charges of child abuse and assault.  The child's aunt was at the home when she said she saw Baker pick up the boy by his ankle and throw him on the couch.  The boy's aunt took him to a hospital for a broken leg, several bruises and a bloody mouth. Police said it's not the first time Baker and Philhower have abused the child.

According to the paperwork, another adult was staying at the house at the time and saw Baker abuse the boy throughout the week, even putting him in time out for hours on end.  The boy's aunt told police she heard Baker yelling at the child saying,"Keep it up and you will not get anything to eat " and "I wish you would get out of my life."

Baker denies the accusations.  She told police, "Only a psychopath would do that to a child, and I would never do that because I want to be a pediatric nurse."

"If they don't want the child and they're abusing it, they should put it in a foster home where it can be properly taken care of," said neighbor Debra Houseknecht.

Some of the couple's neighbors in Sunbury said the situation hits too close to home.  Jesse Savidge lives two houses away from the family.

"I have my own kids, and I have a grandson.  It worries me to bring him here to visit," said Jesse Savidge.

"When it comes to child or animal abuse. I get very upset," said neighbor Janet Dockey.

Jason Philhower and April Baker are scheduled to appear in court on January 26.  They are both in jail on $75,000 bail.