Vandals Target Windows in Bradford County

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Someone is going around shooting out car windows in the Towanda area of Bradford County.

More than 60 vehicles have been targeted and it doesn't look like the end is in site because no one has been caught.

Police believe there are at least 70 cases now and they think someone used a BB gun to cause all the trouble.

Now, the victims of the crimes are annoyed and angry.

"This one put a hole right through the glass. See it right straight through," said Vince Arena ans he looked at the damage at Moore's Auto Sales along busy Route 6 just outside of Towanda.

He said vandals shot the windows there twice, blowing out one of them one night, then hitting several others the next, all over the weekend.

"It's pretty frustrating. Thank God they didn't break them all, but this will take a couple weeks to replace and the expense, insurance doesn't pay for everything," Arena added.

He said the windows will likely cost more than $1,000 each to replace.

"Then it makes you decide do you want to replace the window right away or do you want to wait until they catch them, because if what if I put in new windows and next week they break it again," Arena said.

In Towanda itself, police said 35 cars had windows shot out, another 35 were hit in surrounding areas, mostly on the main streets or busy roads, all since last Wednesday.

"They're pretty brave to be doing it on Main Street with our patrols," said Towanda Police Officer Ryan Edsel.

An auto glass repair shop in Wysox has been booming with business. On this day alone, they have 40 jobs to do.

"I drive around with this. I can't even see. I have to open my door to turn to the right, it's ridiculous," said Adrian Ponce. He lives right on Main Street in Towanda. He brought his truck for repairs. "It's pretty ridiculous man. I hope they catch the guy pretty soon and I hope he pays for what he's done."

Larry Smith left a sign reading "BB gun bandit go to hell" for vandals after his truck was hit twice. His daughter was a target too. Each window can cost $200 or more to fix.

"They be having fun all right. I'll tell you, they get caught, it will cost them a lot of money," Smith said.

Police said with so many vehicles and businesses targeted and the amount of damage so great, the charges could be pretty serious in this case.

If you know who is responsible or anything about the case, call 911 in Bradford County.