Man Accused of Breaking in to Post Office

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Police said a man was so anxious to get some drugs, he broke into a post office in Lackawanna County to find a package he was expecting.

They said that package contained the designer drug known as "bath salts."

Jason Bartsch of Tunkhannock faces a long list of charges, including burglary and criminal trespassing.

Police said he showed up to the post office in Clarks Summit Monday.

The place was closed for Martin Luther King Day, but police said Bartsch couldn't wait for his mail, and broke into the place.

Bartsch told investigators he was expecting a package full of the illegal drug "bath salts." A tracking number told him the package would be at the Clarks Summit post office.

Police caught Bartsch a few hours later and a few miles away. His get-up gave him away. When police pulled him over, he was wearing a postal service hat and jacket that he allegedly stole from the post office.

Investigators think Bartsch spent an hour inside the post office pilfering through mail.

"A lot of cars go through here all the time. How could someone think that they could break in without being seen, or caught?" asked Dominic Scott of Clarks Summit.

When police arrested Bartsch they did not find his package of bath salts, but they said they did find several stolen items in the truck he was driving, including an antique scale from the post office and valuables taken from other people's packages.

Federal investigators are trying to figure out if anything else was stolen. Meanwhile, postal customers in Clarks Summit said they're surprised by what happened.

"It does, but a lot of things surprise me these day. I suppose if you're on drugs you'll do anything," said Janet Stansbury.

Clarks Summit police said this case may be handled by federal prosecutors if postal investigators find more was stolen from packages at the post office.

For now, Jason Bartsch is locked up in the Lackawanna County jail. As for the package of bath salts that Bartsch seemed so desperate to find, police said it hasn't turned up yet.