The Sleeping Bag Project

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On these cold winter nights, imagine sleeping outside in nine degree temperatures.

An extra blanket this time of year can mean so much. That’s why some students at Keystone College decided to make sleeping bags to help the homeless stay warm.

Grab some fabric, a needle and thread. That’s what students at Keystone College in La Plume were told to do when they came out to help make sleeping bags for the homeless.

Lucas Taylor organized the sleeping bag project as a service project to mark Martin Luther King Day. He said his goal is to make as many sleeping bags as possible to help the homeless through this cold winter.

“I think it will be a really humbling experience just to help someone and if we can help them today, hopefully they get through and can make it till tomorrow,” said Taylor.

It is the first time they have done this event at Keystone College, and they had a great turnout.

“It’s a good cause you know. I have more than a lot of other people too, so being able to give back to people who don’t have a lot really means a lot to a lot of other people and just makes everyone feel good,” said Keystone College junior Shawon Gibbons.

The group brought enough fabric to make three large sleeping bags.

The sewing part came easy for volunteer Sarah Liparull.

“I just decided I had free time, so I decided to help out a little bit, and I know how to sew so I thought they could use an extra hand,” said Liparull

Churches and other organizations in the Wyoming County community have also been making sleeping bags for the project.

On Wednesday, 250 sleeping bags will be delivered to homeless shelters in New York City.