Punt, Pass and Kick to Victory

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A teenager from Union County was recognized nationally for winning a football competition.

The teenage girl spent some time in front of the cameras Sunday at the Ravens/Texans game.

All eyes were on the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans except after the third quarter. That's when all eyes were on Kayla Kline, a 13 year old from Mifflinburg. The teen won first place in the girls NFL's "Punt, Pass and Kick" competition, an honor that took her to M & T Stadium in Baltimore.

"We got to go out for the start of the game and we got to see them come on the field at halftime and after the third quarter the winners," said Kayla Kline.

She was one of more than 100,000 young people from around the country who competed in her age group. She won three rounds of competition before going to Baltimore on Saturday for the finals.

In the gym of Mifflinburg Middle School Kayla punted the ball 108 feet, threw it 111 feet and kicked it 120 feet.

"It's an awesome experience and you get to see everything and be up close to the players," said Kayla.

"We watched the Ravens/Texans game and we're not fans, but we heard she'd be on. We were surprised to see she won. It was pretty neat," said Mark Reitz, one of Kayla's teachers.

Kayla's friends and family aren't only proud because she won the competition, they said she is also good in school. She was recently named student of the month.

"It was exciting. Not the fact that she's a good athlete, but she does well in school. She's the total package," said Reitz.

Kayla's trophy is a helmet signed by Matt Stover, a former Baltimore Raven. Kayla plans to enter the next Punt, Pass and Kick competition this summer in hopes of defending her title.