Gymnastics Takes Center Stage

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A big gymnastics competition took place today in Pike County.

They run at full speed then flip, and almost stick the landing.

Their footwork on the balance beam shows precision, and their work on the floor exercises can bring the crowd of parents and onlookers to their feet.

From the opening ceremonies to the awards, gymnastics teams from all over meet at Wallenpaupack High School for friendly and intense competition.

“It`s growing every year. This year we have 500 gymnasts from about 20 different teams all over the country,” said gymnastics instructor Melissa Delfino.

This is the fourth year for the Janet Rothenberg Memorial Meet, named after an Abington Heights graduate. She was a star gymnast in her own right who died unexpectedly while studying in China.

Her mother said Janet`s spirit and love of gymnastics lives on in part, because of this yearly meet.

“To know there are so many kids who honor her memory just means the world to myself, my husband, and our whole family,” said Deede Rothenberg of Clarks Summit.

It can mean a lot to these young gymnasts too.

In addition to the medals and trophies, one graduating high school senior receives a $5,000 scholarship, based not only on their achievements in the meet, but on their grades, and community involvement.

Even though they may be a little young for this summer`s Olympic team, who knows? Maybe you will see one or two of these young women competing for team USA at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

The competition continues Sunday at Wallenpaupak High School.