Superintendent Accused of Failing to Report Alleged Abuse

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The superintendent of the Mountain View School District in Susquehanna County is accused of being told about a teacher who gave alcohol to students but not contacting authorities within 48 hours as required by law.

The teacher, who is no longer with the district, already faces charges of corruption of minors.

The charge against Superintendent Andrew Chichura of Mountain View School District is actually the same as one of the charges against two Penn State administrators in the Sandusky case.

The case in Susquehanna County involves not reporting a much less serious crime, but all school administrators are required to report any crimes against children within 48 hours of learning about it.

State police said Dr. Chichura was told numerous times about a teacher giving alcohol to students, but Chichura didn't do what the law says he must do, go to police.

The teacher, Bryan Hoover is no longer at Mountain View High School. He was furloughed after last school year.

It was graduation day in June when, police said, he gave alcohol to 17- and 18-year-old students.

Hoover is charged for that crime. Chichura is charged with not reporting it.

In paperwork filed at the district justice office, police said the superintendent sent a letter to the teacher telling him what he did was against the law, but police said the superintendent never went to the proper authorities with that information.

"We're not supposed to talk about it, but everyone knows," said senior Marissa Christina. She said there has been a lot of talk about the case at school. "Yeah, I think he should have said something. I think it got bigger because he didn't say anything."

Graduatess of the school said they were surprised by the charges.

"It's not really a good situation, I guess. If something like that happened, it should have been reported the right way," said Mountain View graduate Frank Payne.

"I'm shocked. I can't believe it. He's been here for so many years, I would have never thought," said graduate Chrissy Burns.

Chichura said of the charges against him, "I was very surprised by it. I believe I had followed the right procedure with the district solicitor and had notified the authorities in the process."

Police and some of those just learning about the case said he didn't do enough.

"He should, that's his job, right? Shocked!" Burns added.

Superintendent Andrew Chichura had already announced in October that he was retiring at the end of this school year.

The charge he faces is a misdemeanor for failing to report suspected child abuse.