First Snowfall of 2012

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Winter weather finally returned to northeastern and central Pennsylvania. It started as steady rain early Friday, then turned into sleet and snow.

Heavy snowfall in Susquehanna County made travel difficult in spots. The snow that stuck to the road along route 29 in Dimock made it hard for some vehicles to gain traction.

Snow started falling in the early morning hours at the Delaware Gap Bridge in Monroe County, covering the grass and roads.

Snow showers stretched all the way from the Susquehanna Valley to Wayne County, making travel hazardous in some spots.

Though most of the snow didn't stick to the ground, road conditions became slick. In Wyoming County, a school van slid off Routes 6 and 11 in Factoryville.

Police said no one was hurt. There were no students on the van, just the driver.

Along with the wintry January weather came the wind. Some gusts topped out around 40 miles an hour causing trees to be blown into the streets.

Along Jefferson Avenue in Dunmore a huge tree was uprooted. Most of the tree fell into the street but the wind blew one branch onto a power line.

One home had minor damage.

Dunmore police and firefighters arrived at the scene along with PPL to remove the huge branches and clean up the mess.

"The winds seem to be picking up so I assume we'll be getting a lot more calls like this," said Dunmore police officer Scott Perry.

Heavy snow showers ended by early afternoon.

Windy conditions could blow more debris into the streets over the next couple days. If you have travel plans, make sure you take precautions and bundle up, it's going to be a cold one.