Old Scranton Mansion Renovated

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Lackawanna County businessman Bill Nasser bought the once-forgotten Cleland Mansion in the mid-1990's, and over time, has taken it back to its original time.

The Madison Avenue mansion now looks more like it did when it was first built for a city coal baron back in the 1830's.

"It was more of a labor of love than it made economic sense. I just decided that this was a project I was going to do corrrectly from the very beginning. That's how we got started, and several years later here I am," Nasser said.

Nasser started renovations more than 10 years ago, after the home sat empty for decades. It's now only months away from becoming the Cleland Suites, an upscale bed and breakfast.

Cleland Suites is named for one of the mansion's former owners, James Cleland. He started the old Globe store in Scranton.

With the exception of a reception desk that will greet patrons, the home looks just as it would have when Cleland owned it.

"My goal wasn't to make this one of the nicest in the state, I really want this to be one of the nicest in the country. People to look at this and say, 'wow, you have to see this.,'" Nasser added.

Nasser said the Cleland Suites will be ready for customers in the spring, rooms will go for $350 a night.