Recent Crimes Concern Neighbors in Scranton

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Scranton police are investigating two violent attacks that happened around the same time.

In one case a suspect was on the loose for a while. The other case has  a neighborhood living in fear. In both incidents women were the targets.

Police made an arrest in one of the crimes and have suspects in the other incident, a stabbing in the city's hill section.

Neighbors there said the most recent crime on their block has them very afraid and they have now asked police to step up enforcement.

The 800 block of Quincy Avenue in Scranton is quiet now, but neighbors said around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday it was anything but. Some neighbors said they ran to their windows after hearing screeching tires and gunshots outside this house.

Police said a few hours later, they were investigating a stabbing that stemmed from the incident there. They said the victim, Sasha Velez, was walking alone when she was attacked by two women who knew her.

Police said they have identified three suspects. The two attackers and another man who fired a gun into the air. Neighbors said this is not the first time there has been violence at the house.

Newswatch 16 talked to several people in the neighborhood who said there has been problem after problem on the block.

Some people living along Quincy Avenue said the latest incident is the final straw. They have asked police to step up enforcement in the area.  Patrols are still looking for the three suspects in Wednesday night's stabbing.

At the same time Wednesday night, police were called to Prospect Avenue in south Scranton following another violent attack.

Police said Darrin Battle of Wilkes-Barre, attacked his ex-girlfriend when she returned home. She told police battle beat her unconscious, then stole her car and went on the run.

The woman was taken to the hospital with severe injuries, but she is expected to recover.

Battle was later caught by police in Wilkes-Barre and now faces several criminal charges. He was arraigned in Wilkes-Barre late Thursday afternoon on several charges, including aggravated assault.

Police said he will likely be brought back to Scranton to face those charges.