Cramer’s and Lowes to Work Together

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A big box store is finally open in a growing part of Monroe County after nine years of planning.

Many said Lowes Home Improvement store in Mount Pocono is needed, even though there is a locally-owned home improvement store less than a mile down the road.

Customers and contractors filled the aisles of the brand new Lowes for the very first time.

The store, which has added 125 job to the area, is located in a growing area.  That's one reason why Lowes decided to move in.

"We've talked to a lot of customers and community groups and we've been told that a lot of our customers go to Bartonsville and shop at our store there and a lot that have to go to Scranton," said Lowes manager Scott Crouse.

"There's not too much up here. I think it's great they have a Lowes up here now," said Jeff VanBuskirk of Stroudsburg.

According to Crouse, it took nine years to build the home improvement store. The manager and his customers said the location is perfect and the store is needed in the community. However, Cramer's Home Building Center, a local business, is less than one mile down the road.

Cramer's has been in Mount Pocono location since 1947.

For some contractors, Lowes doesn't compare.

"You're coming in here, you got three guys here that know what you're doing.  It's personal, it's local, you keep your local businesses going," said Jerry Schickling, a contractor who lives in Canadensis.

"From my experience from shopping in the northeast, you're always going to get better service in the small lumberyard because they're more specialized and they can answer your questions," said Michael Nicosia, who lives in Canadensis and a contractor.

When you talk to both managers at Cramer's and Lowes, they will tell you it`s not about competition, rather about working together to serve the customer.

"They're going to draw a lot of home improvement customers up here who aren't already up here. We got a great spot right along the highway and we hope we'll get a lot of that traffic that's going there," said David Parker, manager at Cramer's Home Center.

"It's only going to benefit the community to have another option," said Crouse.

Lowes is open seven days a week and Cramer's is closed Sundays.