Residents: More Enforcement Needed on Local Road

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The speed limit was lowered on a stretch of road just hours before a deadly crash in Lycoming County on Tuesday, according to officials. Investigators have not said if speed even played a role in the wreck near Jersey Shore.

Exactly what led to the crash is still under investigation, but people who live near Route 44 in Watson Township said they still want police to take action when it comes to speeders.

Route 44 near Jersey Shore is a busy road in and according to people who live near the road, speeding is a problem.

“We're getting 1,500 to 2,000 trucks a day. We're scared to death of safety issues with these trucks,” said Curt Bierly of Watson Township.

“I see trucks, cars, tri-axles and 18 wheelers whiz by here all night long,” said Dave Kagan of Watson Township.

Kagen has lived just off Route 44 in Watson Township for 40 years. He and his neighbors rallied to have PennDOT change the road's speed limit from 55 to 45 miles per hour. The changes took effect Tuesday morning.

Hours later, Robert Maines of Jersey Shore died when a pickup truck crashed head-on into his car. State police have not said if speed was a factor in the crash, but the wreck worries people who live near Route 44.

The Watson Township residents we spoke with said they would like to see more enforcement on that stretch of the roadway to cut down on speeders.

“They could get so many speeders going through here. It's terrible what we have to put up with as people who live here all the time,” said Nancy Garverick of Cummings Township.

“I think yes, the bottom line is enforcement. It is the single issue to get this traffic, including truck traffic with the gas industry, to get speed under control here,” said Kagan.

“We think that people have to become aware of the signs so a little enforcement would help that,” said Bierly.

Troopers said they plan to increase patrols on that stretch of Route 44.