Home and Backyard January 7, 2012

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Stegmier Mansion Tea

Join Victoriana Lady Lisa Lewis for a special Chocolate Lover's Tea at the Stegmaier Mansion. We'll learn the Victorian way to have a proper tea. We'll also taste some of the treats for the Tea event going on this weekend. Some menu items include: heart shaped chocolate chip and cranberry white chocolate chip scones dipped in dark chocolate, soup, salad, tea sandwiches, truffles and more.

Get a private tour of the Frederick Stegmaier Mansion at 304 South Franklin Street in Wilkes Barre, PA.. This exquisite mansion was built by locally renowned Victorian Architect Missouria Houpt as his private residence. Frederick Stegmaier, president of the Stegmaier brewery purchased it in 1906. Where is stayed in the Stegmaier family until the late 1940's. In 200 1 the property was meticulously restored to its former opulence.


Mike Stevens takes a ride on the magnificent Canadian National Number 3254 Macado Steam Engine which was built in 1917. This engine is incredibly powerful and takes a lot of effort to operate. See what is involved in getting this iron giant chugging along. Join him at Steamtown National Park in Scranton.

Cat's Creations

Love and Chocolate go together like a horse and carriage? Well, not exaclty the lyrics to an old song but very true. If you love fine chocolates, you'll love the sweet confections made by Cathy Swantkowski. Her business is called Cat's Creations, and she certainly knows how to create the perfect chocolate for that special someone or special occasion. Cathy shows how to make a lovely bunch of chocolate roses for your valentine someone. For more information, or to order: 570-655-2048, or catscreations4u@verizon.net.