Thieves Targeting Flood-damaged Homes

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Many people in West Pittston area lost nearly everything back in the September floods and now some of those same people claim they are the targets of thieves.

Randy Spencer's home in West Pittston got hit hard by the September floods and so did the homes of his neighbors. One of those homes just two doors down from Spencer has been broken into. Police report that three other flood-damaged homes have also been hit recently by thieves.

"Unfortunately on top of the already pressing crisis, the circumstances that you have to persevere, you have to keep pressing forward and watch out for each other the best we can," said Spencer.

Police said the recent thefts all have common traits. Nobody was home, the thief or thieves forced their way in, and only jewelry and other small items were taken.

"They're the lowest of the low. How could you kick someone when they've already been hurt? Terribly. Whether they have money, they are grieving right now and now people are stealing from them," said Sami Panek, another flood victim.

West Pittston police said they believe the crimes were committed by one or two people and the jewelry is being sold for money to buy drugs.

Anyone with information about the thefts is asked to contact West Pittston police.