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Rebuilding After Tragedy

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A family in Clinton County lost almost everything when their barn caught on fire last year. Now, with the help of their friends and neighbors, their barn near Lock Haven is being rebuilt.

With dozens of people hammering and sawing, the barn near Lock Haven is rising from the ashes. It has come a long way since a tragedy last June. A fire destroyed the Courter family's barn in Clinton County, killing all the cows inside.

"We lost basically everything. We had 102 cows and the barn," said Blair Courter, the owner of the barn.

"It was shocking for everybody. You don't expect something like that to happen," said neighbor Randy Reeder.

After the tragedy, folks in Clinton County came together. Many of Blair Courter's Amish neighbors volunteered to help clean up the damage. Courter hired an Amish contractor to rebuild the barn. Dozens of people reached out to help.

"A lot of them are neighbors, the people I've dealt with business wise. I bought cattle from some of them and I sell feed to them," said Courter.

Ron Beck and other volunteers said it's nothing out of the ordinary in this neighborhood.

"When a catastrophe happens to a farmer around here they wanna get back on their feet. Everybody comes out, gives them a hand to get back in business," said neighbor Ron Beck.

For all the volunteers are doing for Blair and his family, he wanted to do something to give back to them. So folks from his church are there cook everybody lunch.

"Words can't describe it. How do you, thank you is not big enough. It's just not," said Courter.

He added the new barn will hold 120 cows. Volunteers said the work will be finished by the end of the week.