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Parking Meter Problems in Olyphant

By Stacy Lange

6:41 p.m. EST, January 9, 2012

People who frequent downtown Olyphant say, for months, there was a big parking problem, But it has been easier of late, since the borough’s kept bags over the parking meters.

“It would just eat your money, not register, and then you have to worry about getting a ticket, and there’s not really parking anywhere else,” said Danielle Lacomis.

Borough officials said the parking meters downtown need to be re-calibrated, or reset, to show the right times when you add money.

So, until state workers can get that done, the bags will stay on the parking meters.

While the meters on Lackawanna Avenue are being re-calibrated, crews will remove some meters that have been outside of homes for years because the borough manager said they are not needed anymore.

Some business owners want the meters to be fixed. They said though the meters haven’t worked lately, they keep people from taking advantage of the prime parking.

“The meters are good in a way, because people can go out and park there all day, and it could be day after day,” said Denise Harris, owner of Styl-N-Stylz salon.

Borough officals did not say when the bags will come off the meters, but they said when the meters are in working order parking there will be more strictly enforced.

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