New Look for Downtown Pittston

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By Jim Murdoch

5:47 p.m. EST, January 9, 2012

Downtown Pittston was spared the wrath of the September floods, but it has undergone a major renovation project.

The mild winter helped crews get the work done early, and helped the city save thousands of dollars.

If you haven't been in downtown Pittston lately, you may not recognize it. Gone are the construction crews prying apart sidewalks, the lane restrictions on Main Street and the overall traffic congestion.

Instead, cobblestone-like sidewalks and crosswalks line Main Street, along with new signs, lamps and businesses.

"I think it looks lovely and it adds to Pittston. I am a volunteer on Meals on Wheels and seen the work in progress and they`ve done a really nice job," said Lynne Dente of West Pittston.

Pittston City Manager Joe Moskovitz said the recent mild weather saved the city from paying overtime to work crews and the lack of snow helped keep road maintenance at a minimum.

"Because of the more than cooperative weather that we have had, it`s been a mild season, as we all know. It extended the construction period of both projects on Main Street which allowed us to complete these projects," Moskovitz said.

Many of the new businesses had to deal with all the construction on the main roads in downtown Pittston and now that it`s all done the owners said they are capitalizing on the new and improved look of downtown Pittston.

"In the end it`s a tremendous improvement for the city and for our business. I think it gives us a better visual look and the promise of Pittston city is very good, I think," said Frank Husband of Coffee Table Cafe.