Mild Weather Aids Flood Repairs

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By Jon Meyer

4:28 p.m. EST, January 9, 2012

Monday was another above average day in this mild winter.

All the warm days have been a big help for flood victims and those doing work in areas hit hard by the flooding four months ago.

In Luzerne County, they are able to get work done that would be tough in the bitter cold and snow.

On this sunny, mild January day, this a scene playing out in many communities hit hard by the September flooding.

Workers are busy on outside projects, doing repairs and renovations on flooded homes.

"These guys are working their butts off," said Ray Condo of Plainsville.

"I can't wait. I'm excited now watching them work. They're doing a really great job," said Beverly Condo.

With the mild weather, a Bellas Construction crew has made a lot of progress at the Condo house. They're doing work now that wouldn't be easy with a lot of snow and cold.

"We're helping them out a lot more that it's nicer we're getting some outside work done instead of putting it off," said John Monroe of Bellas Construction.

Not only is the nice weather allowing crews to get work outside the flooded homes, but a lot of flood victims are living in houses with no insulation and having to heat the houses too.

"When we had that cold cold snap a couple weeks ago the furnace ran continuously, the furnace never went off so there went my gas bill," Ray Condo said.

The Condos are living upstairs, but they still have to heat the first floor.

They said with no insulation, a normal, cold winter would break their budget.

"We've had some cold but we've lucked out in that respect," added Beverly Condo.

Crews said they are sure the weather will force them back inside again very soon.

"Any minute now, you never know. One week it's zero next week it's 40. We'll take the 40 any time," Monroe added.

Of course they have plenty of work to get done inside those flooded homes too.