Father Ordered to Trial for Son’s Death

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A father accused of causing a crash that killed his toddler son is now heading to trial.

Police believe that father was under the influence of alcohol when his car collided with another vehicle in December in Monroe County.

Police filed charges against Christopher Thomas last week and Tuesday he was in court for a hearing.

Thomas of Long Pond gave up his right to a preliminary hearing so the charges against him were forwarded to trial.

"This is a tragedy," said Thomas's attorney Tom Sundmaker.

"This is what you risk when you drink even the smallest amount," said Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Barney Anderson.

Police said the crash happened at the intersection of Route 611 and Fish Hill Road near Tannersville in early December.

Police said Thomas got behind the wheel after drinking.

Four other people were in the car with Thomas. They are a friend, a 16-year-old girl, a five year old and Thomas's 16-month-old son.

They were on their way to drop off Thomas's son at his mother's house in Tannersville.

According to court papers, around 10 p.m. that night Thomas left the Weis parking lot, turned onto Route 611 south, then went to turn left onto Fish Hill Road. Police said that's when Thomas cut off another vehicle and caused a fatal crash that killed his son.

The oncoming vehicle smashed into the side of Thomas' car where his toddler son was sitting.

Police said Thomas got out of his car and put the 16 year old behind the wheel and told her "You were the driver."

Eventually, police said, the passengers admitted that Thomas was driving.

"Anytime you mix alcohol and driving you can have horrendous results and I can't imagine one more horrendous than where you're the one who's been drinking and your child ends up dead as a result," said Anderson.

"He lost his child, he's depressed, he's upset. He's very, very despondent," said Sundmaker.

Thomas already faced several charges connected to the deadly crash.

During the preliminary hearing, the prosecution added one more charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Thomas is in jail awaiting trial.