Scranton Parking Meter Controversy

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Some controversial parking meters in Scranton are gone and "No Parking" signs put up in their place are illegal.

The meters were on Mattes Avenue near the General Dynamics plant in south Scranton. For about two years the street was lined with parking meters that have caused a big controversy. The meter heads are now gone, and the "No Parking" signs have been put up, but city council said that was done without its

In August, 2010 workers from the Scranton Parking Authority installed 76 new parking meters along Mattes Avenue and River Street.

Previously, it had been a free place to park for people who work in that area of south Scranton.

City council made the decision to install the meters to raise more money, but that money never came, as people found other places to park.

Newswatch 16 visited the meters again a month after they were installed. The streets were empty, and the city had raised only one dollar.

Now, the city's investment is gone. The parking authority removed the meters this week and put up "No Parking" signs on Mattes Avenue. City council members said that was done without their approval. It's required for council to sign legislation before any city meters are moved. When it comes to the moved meters, no such legislation exists.

The meter heads have been moved to other streets. City council president Janet Evans said they will probably bring in more money elsewhere anyway, but the moved meters and "No Parking" signs there are illegal.

Evans said she would support the removal of the parking meters, but she and other members of council are wondering why they were taken down without their order.