Near Naked Gunman Fires Shot

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Police in Luzerne County said a gunman, naked from the waist down, opened fire Friday afternoon in a neighborhood in Pittston Township.

Dozens of police responded and took the suspect in custody right in front of shocked neighbors.

The suspected gunman was interviewed by police at the Pittston Township Police Station and was also checked out by EMTs after police said he fired two shots into the home next door. That home also happens to be the Pittston Township tax collector's office.

The man, wearing nothing but a t-shirt, was tackled by police in the middle of East Oak Street in Pittston Township around 2:30 p.m. after police said he fired a shot.

Police said the shot was fired from his apartment into the home next door which also happens to be the offices of the Pittston Township tax collector.

"She was in the house and a bullet went through the house. Everybody in the house was in danger at that point. As long as you are in the house you are in danger," said Pittston Township Police Sergeant Lena Angelella.

No one was hurt. Neighbors said the gunman lived with a woman and a five-year-old boy. Neither the woman nor the boy were home at the time.

"I just heard some guy was running around with a shot gun and shot at a house, and I wanted to see if my nephew was okay. Nobody would tell us nothing," said neighbor Sean Grady.

"It didn`t sound like he shot anybody, or intentionally wanted to hurt anyone. I came outside and he was ducked behind a vehicle over there with no pants on, with a rifle," said John Grissom who lives next door.

Shortly after the shot was fired, police arrived and arrested the suspect on the street outside his home.

Police call this an isolated incident, and no one, including the gunman, was hurt.

The suspect remains in custody at the Pittston Township Police Station.

Investigators said they don't know why the man started shooting. When asked if he appeared to be under the influence, Sergeant Angelella said, "Yes, most definitely."