Got WNEP Memorabilia?

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WNEP has proudly served Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania for almost 60 years. Through those years, many of you have kept various kinds of memorabilia and Channel 16 “Stuff”! We want to know what you have and what’s still out there!!

Please send Stacey Toy an e-mail at and either show or describe what part of WNEP History you STILL have today! It can even be a photograph or archive! Don’t forget to include your name, town, state, and phone number in the e-mail. (You may remain annonymous if you choose.) Briefly describe your part of Channel 16’s past in a paragraph or two. You may attach a photo to better capture both our attention and our history.

There is nothing too small or un-important! Anything sporting our logo or having a connection to the station is important to us! Don’t hesitate because of size, shape, or purpose!

Thank you for choosing WNEP for nearly SIX decades! Our viewers have supported our stations newscasts, children’s shows, outdoor lives, money raising events, and home & backyard advice. Without your continuous support we would never have become America’s Highest Rated Local News Stations in the country! We can’t wait to hear from you!