Candle Light Vigil Held to Protest Violence at Nanticoke Bar

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Friends and family of a young woman whose face was slashed at a Luzerne County bar gathered Friday night for a candle light vigil.

The group said the bar she was injured in is a nuisance bar and they want something done about it.

It was a quiet, solemn gathering at Patriot Park in Nanticoke and it was all for one woman.

Thirty-year-old Jenn Mieczkowski's face remains bandaged after she said she was slashed at the Prospect Street Cafe in Nanticoke.

She said she's recovering, but has more surgeries down the road.

"We have to wait until the scarring fully heals to see how much further everything has to go and when anything will be scheduled for right now," said Mieczkowski.

Mieczkowski said she came out to the bar around 2 a.m. on New Year's Day with a male friend to get a twelve pack of beer.

She noticed a scuffle had broken out and went to tell a friend.

That's when Mieczkowski said an unknown woman slashed her in the face in front of dozens of people who did nothing to help.

Mieczkowski's friends and family staged this candle light vigil as a peaceful protest against what happened to her.

"In a non-violent way we kind of want to gather and just remember that Jenn is a beautiful person," said friend Casey O'Donnell, "and even though she may still be alive, she'll never be the same."

Newswatch 16 has learned the Prospect Street Cafe has been cited nearly 30 times for numerous violations and had fines totaling over $11,000.

However an attorney for the bar said it is meeting all its requirements to have a liquor license and has not been deemed a nuisance bar by law enforcement.

Having it ruled a problem bar is exactly what Mieczkowski's sister wants to happen.

"If you do research in the past, so many other people have been hurt from this bar but no one stood up to this bar," said Mieczkowski's sister Ashlee. "And I just want them to take the action necessary. They need to get this place closed down or clean it up."

As for Mieczkowski, she said she just overwhelmed by all the support.

"I can't express how much it means to me, me and my entire family, just to see the entire community come back together in the way that they did," said Mieczkowski.

The attorney for the Prospect Street Café said there was a security guard at the bar the night of the fight who intervened immediately but Jenn had already been injured.

Nanticoke Police continue to investigate this incident.