Suite Life on ESU Campus

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One university in the Poconos is in the midst of revamping its on-campus housing.

East Stroudsburg University has two brand new dorms that students will be able to move into starting in two weeks.

You can call it the "suite" life these days, that is, living on campus at East Stroudsburg University because these two new dormitories on campus are filled with suites.

A suite is a living space for up to four students, including a bathroom, a common area and some have their own kitchen.

"Nationally, students are looking for this type of housing, either suite or apartment style housing," said Robert Moses of East Stroudsburg University.

In two weeks the two dorms will be filled with nearly 1,000 students. That number includes some from off campus and some new to the university.

"We have had a demand for students who have left campus already and have requested to move back into the new suites. We're also going to be able to accommodate transfers we haven't been able to help in the past," said Moses.

The new dorms will also have surveillance cameras, something the old dorms lacked. The cameras will increase safety measures for students living on campus.

"There are surveillance cameras in all key locations, public areas, near the elevators, lounges and computer labs," said Moses.

The next step is to build two more dormitories to accommodate the increasing enrollment at East Stroudsburg University.

That project could happen as early as next year.