Mia Hopkins Pittston Area basketball

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Thursday night January 5th, 2012 Mia Hopkins and the Pittston Area Lady Patriots beat Crestwood 73-50. The junior forward poured in 29 points in the effort.

Teams in the Wyoming valley Conference are having a tough time stopping #23 Mia Hopkins. The junior forward from Pittston Area is talented and tenacious. Her ability to play at both ends of the floor is making life easy for 3rd year head coach Kathy Healey.

"Teams come out they double team her-they triple team her, but she passes the ball well. She blocks shots well. She distributes to the freshman. She's not afraid to pass the ball to anyone." said Kathy Healey.

"I like to play in the perimeter. I like to play out of the perimeter. I just like to penetrate and get it inside-dish it off and if I'm open shoot-anything I could just do it." said Mia Hopkins.

Watching Mia Hopkins play basketball reminds me of how Kelly Mazzante played. The former Montoursville and Penn State player used her quickness on defense to create instant offense-Mia does the same.

"I think Kelly was more of an outside shooter-Mia can take her game inside, but this year she has added an outside shot. I think she definitely could be to that caliber." again said Kathy.

Alright we're here with Mia Hopkins certainly a great basketball player for Pittston Area. She can shoot-she can dribble and she works on the fundamentals. Let's go thru a few drills. Dribble with the right hand. Sit back. Up. Between the legs. Left hand. Sit back. Behind your back. She's got it. Good job. High five.

"It's pretty awesome. It's everything I ever wanted my whole life and I just hope to keep going." again said Mia.