Trackman Pro newest golf device

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Just off Highway 315 in Plains Township sits the newest gadget in golf technology. The Blue Ridge Trail Golf Academy just opened up shop inside the Wilkes-Barre Athletic Club with Trackman pro-the latest device aimed at reducing golf scores.

PGA golf professional Brian Llewellyn collects data from his latest golf lesson. The information he obtains comes from this simple machine the Trackman pro. Two such devices are up and running inside the Wilkes-Barre Athletic club.

"So if somebody's hitting I can click the set-up and it's going to give them their club speed, their attack angle, their club path. It gives so many different things-simply people just want to know their club speed." said Brian Llewellyn.

Blue Ridge Trail general manager Tony Barletta loves this new year round facility.

"It's an extension where golfers can come expand into practicing-simulate golf courses. We feel it's a great extension of our property." said Tony Barletta.

And it's not just golfing you'll have access to, a full time physical therapist Jack Digwood is here to help plan out your workout.

"So I'll take people thru a 2 1/2 hour process where I'll look for their bodies weaknesses, where they'll be strength-flexibility-stability-balance. Break it down step-by-step using a Titleist performance institute screen. Then based on that screen I will develop a program of exercises to try and improve things." said Jack Digwood.

So with Trackman using the live doppler radar system unlike a golf simulator, it's instantaneous data coming back on ball flight and golf club swing. Numbers that are important to every golfer.

"Here's your shaft angle when you swing back your going to see that club sucked way inside and under that line." again said Brian

"We feel like it's really going to be a great opportunity for the local golfers in this region to help their game." again said Tony.

Each studio is designed to include flat screen TV's and couches offering a "Grill Room" atmosphere that adds to the fun of playing a round of golf with friends.

Athletic Club number is (570) 830-0298