Snow Drought in NEPA?

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These days, the only snow around is being made at ski slopes. It seems this is one of the most snow-free winters in northeastern and central Pennsylvania in years.

For folks at The Ski Corner in Dickson City, that has been a bit tough.

"For the guys that are really looking for that thick, deep snow that you're only going to get from mother nature you want to say, it's hard to get the same feel of real snow as it is from the icy water chips if you want to say," said employee Jerry Bruno.

In December, 2008, there were 12 inches of snow in the backyard at WNEP-TV in Moosic. In December, 2009, there were 15 inches of snow. The next year, 2010, brought five inches and this past December there were just one and a half inches.

In Blakely, Joe Cirba finally put the plows on his trucks Wednesday night. It is something he usually does after Thanksgiving.

"It hurts, it hurts a little bit, you know? It dampens things, but what are you gonna do?" said Joe Cirba about the effect of no snow on his winter plowing business.

The last real storm in northeastern Pennsylvania was a rare one on October 29 which dumped almost a foot in some areas.

"It's kind of disappointing. This is yet another year that we did not have snow on Christmas. I just want snow, I want my four year old. I want to play in the snow with my children, so," said Julie Starzer of Dalton.