Crime Spree in Delaware Water Gap Sparks Concern

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A community in Monroe County is on edge because of a recent crime spree.

Several businesses in Delaware Water Gap have either been robbed or burglarized and that has folks wondering if they will be the next victims.

The Borough of Delaware Water Gap is a very tight-knit community of 750 people, but after a rash of recent crimes this community is on edge.

"It makes you feel very vulnerable. It makes you feel as a target," said Susan Cooper, owner of Village Farmer and Bakery.

State police and borough officials said there have been several crimes in the past two weeks.

Surveillance video from Fuel On gas station in Delaware Water Gap shows on December 27 a clerk was held at gunpoint. The girl was unharmed but the robber stole cash.

"It's very disturbing," said Fuel On Manager Tania Smith.

About a week later the superintendent of the borough said community bathrooms were vandalized.

"Someone got into our swimming house, stole our copper, flushing valves, urinal valves, everything," said Superintendent Bob Gallagher.

Then this week the Gulf gas station was vandalized.

The manager believes when the vandals decided to target the gas station. They grabbed a large rock and threw it through a window.

"Nobody entered the building but the rock hit the register. The door was open so I don't know why they did what they did because you could see there was no money," said manager Anne Wolfe.

That same night the Village Farmer and Bakery next door became the next target.

"The cash register had been smashed and as far as I know nothing else was taken," said owner Susan Cooper.

The borough has three part-time police officers and the state police also assist.

Now the community is stepping in.

"We will be taking action. We will be watching and keeping an eye on everybody else's stuff to make sure we're safe," said Cooper.

Police are investigating but it is not known if the crimes are connected.

The community hopes anyone with information that may solve these crimes will contact police at 570-839-7701.