Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested

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For the third time in just two weeks, a bank was robbed Wednesday morning in Lackawanna County, and so far, it is the only one to be solved.

It came to an end quickly when police caught the suspected robber as he was running from the bank in Eynon.

It was only about 20 minutes after the robber ran out the doors at First National Bank on the Scranton Carbondale Highway that police had the suspect completely surrounded a mile up the road.

After about 20 minutes of police cars zipping around the Eynon streets, they all ended up on Main Street with Tony Wentz, 24, in handcuffs.

It all happened in front of Bryan Patuk's shop.

"I was taking a lady's car out, and then I see all the cop cars all over the place. Yeah, I looked and I thought they were pulling somebody over and the whole road was jammed with cop cars," Patuk said.

Six different local police departments and state police helped to track down Wentz. Two troopers said they spotted him running from the bank carrying a bag full of cash. Police said Wentz was not armed.

"Some good bystanders gave us some good descriptions of the male. Many units that did respond set up a good perimeter. We were able to follow some tracks from where the male left the bank here which led him actually right into some area police cars," said Archbald Police Chief Tim Trently.

Later Wentz was taken to the Archbald police station nearby for questioning. There bank employees identified him as the robber.

Police said they don't think Wednesday's robbery at First National Bank is related to two others in the city of Scranton over the past two weeks.

Wentz, who lives in Clarks Summit, will likely be charged with bank robbery and resisting arrest for the pursuit and the scene he caused in Eynon.

"This is great police protection, great coordination between the state police and local police. Very good," said Jack Parry of Eynon.

Wentz is currently at the Lackawanna County courthouse awaiting an arraignment.