Accused Sex Offender in Court

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A few months ago Matthew Godfrey was the Athletic Trainer and Assistant Athletic Director at Warrior Run High School in Northumberland County. Now, he is an alleged sex offender, accused of having inappropriate relationships with two of his underage students.

The two girls testified against Godfrey, 27, at his preliminary hearing in Milton. One girl who was 16 at the time, said Godfrey tried to touch her private parts several times. The other girl who is now 18 said she had a physical relationship with Godfrey for several months last year.

Both girls said the former trainer sent them inappropriate text and picture messages, messages that were not shown during the hearing.

"Certainly there are at least one or two charges that rely and focus exclusively on those text messages, and today, they didn't produce them," said defense attorney Christian Frey.

One of the girls admitted to having a consensual sexual relationship with Godfrey, but said she ended things when she found out he was also texting another girl. Defense Attorney Christian Frey said people shouldn't be so quick to judge his client.

"Today is not a determination of guilt or innocence and no one should look at it that way. We will have an opportunity looking forward to present our defense and we intend to do so," said Frey.

A magistrate decided there is enough evidence to send the case against Matthew Godfrey to trial. The magistrate also ordered Godfrey not to have any contact with either of the alleged victims.