Northumberland County Commissioners Sworn In

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It was a history-making election in Northumberland County last November, leaving the county with three new commissioners from three different parties, a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent.

They are taking over for the previous commissioners who were well known for their bickering.

Some familar faces as well as some new ones were sworn into office Tuesday in Sunbury. All eyes were on the three Northumberland County commissioners who have made history. For the first time ever, an Independent has been elected into office. Stephen Bridy will sit alongside Republican Richard Shoch and Democrat Incumbent Vinny Clausi.

"All three of us have certain skills and strengths, and we need to find a way to play off of those things," said Commissioner Shoch.

"Not any one party is in complete power. We've seen it at federal and state levels and typically it doesn't always get done what's best for the people," said Commissioner Bridy.

"I don't think the party affiliation has anything to do with the functioning of county government. I hope it's not. I look forward to working with the two new gentlemen," said Commissioner Clausi.

He and Bridy have already had some disagreements, but both said they will work it out.

"I hope that we can go forward without any differences of opinion. If we do, we deal with it," said Commissioner Clausi.

"I respect him. I think he's done a great job in the past of cutting out unnecessary spending. The heavy lifting has been done," said Commissioner Bridy.

"I don't intend to have any kind of iron-clad alliance with anyone. I think that all three of us have good ideas. I'm going to try and find the ideas that work for this county," said Commissioner Shoch.

The commissioners said they already have a lot on their plates. Even though the budget was passed last week, Commissioner Clausi said he will make a motion to look at it again.