Maintain Your Car in the Cold

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The cold weather is here and auto repair shops are full of vehicles with dead batteries and low tire pressure.

Mechanics at Jack Williams Auto Repair near Pottsville had their hands Tuesday full trying to fix cars for customers so they can get back on the road.

Manager Rich Rossi said during the winter months more people come in to get their cars fixed and some wait until they have a problem to bring it in.

"There's a lot of people who do wait till the last minute, but most of the people in our area, they're pretty good with their maintenance," said Rossi.

He added there are three things drivers should have checked routinely: the battery, coolant and tire pressure.

Charles Cole of Schuylkill Haven said making sure he has the right kind of tires for winter is high on his list of priorities.

"I put studded snow tires on my Scion. Better traction in the winter. It was good this morning, I went down to the post office, the roads were icy, but no sliding, no slipping," said Cole.

Keeping your car maintained isn't the only thing that's important during these winter months. Some drivers said it's also how you are driving that matters.

"Be careful on the ice, drive slow. I don't, when it's bad out I don't go over 40 miles an hour. I try to keep it under that,.I get more control, and it's a lot safer ride," Cold added.

Even though we may start to see some mild temperatures come back into the forecast for this weekend, the bottom line is to take care of your car because it takes care of you.