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Field Staff: Rick Koval

Rick Koval

Rick Koval was born and raised in Luzerne County but currently is residing in Noxen,Wyoming County, aka “rattlesnake country.” Rick s family includes his two sons Dave and Steve. Rick helps landowners protect their land through conservation easements. In the process, Rick conducts wildlife inventories on conserved properties that identify as a large variety of plants and animals along with the conservation values. Rick is also a wildlife consultant for governmental agencies and the private sector. Other types of nature related activities include wildlife photography, environmental education, breeding bird surveys, reptile & amphibian surveys, butterfly surveys, dragonfly surveys, plant inventories, finding and nominating large state champion trees, finding fossils, collecting fluorescent minerals, and conducting timber rattlesnake research for the PA Fish & Boat Commission.

Rick passion for Pennsylvania’s outdoor life started during his childhood. Rick attributes this to his father, Len. No matter what crazy hobby Rick began, his dad encouraged and supported it, even to this day! These hobbies- past and present include fishing, hunting and fur trapping. Rick credits trapping over one hundred fox in a season. Some of Rick s endeavors were Vice-president of the Luzerne County Fur harvesters Association, PA Game Commission Trapper Training Instructor and PA Game Commission Nuisance Wildlife Control Agent. Currently, Rick is pursuing a bachelor degree in biology and serves on the PA Reptile & Amphibian Technical and Advisory Committee; PA Fish & Boat Commission, Timber Rattlesnake Den Site Assessment, NE Region Leader; and on the PA Biology Survey team.

The natural world of NE Pennsylvania owes a big thanks to Rick s dad. Thank you Len!

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