Field Staff: Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens

Mike grew up in Swoyersville, Luzerne County and, with a little prompting, will tell you stories of fishing the Susquehanna River and hiking the mountains near his home.

After working at several radio stations in the Wyoming Valley Mike joined the WNEP staff in 1975. He was assigned the On the Pennsylvania Road feature position in 1978.

Since taking to the road Mike has brought WNEP viewers to places they might not otherwise see and allowed them to meet folks whose talents make them extraordinary. Along the way Mike has won several awards from his peers for the stories he’s told. Mike Stevens has given us a unique opportunity to visit the people and places that help make Pennsylvania a truly fascinating state.

Mike has published four books based on weekly newspaper columns he writes and his written work appears in a number of magazines throughout the region. He enjoys wildlife and scenic photography, a little fishing and traveling back to places he’s seen on the Pennsylvania Road. His home is in Lackawanna County.

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