Recycling Electronics After the Holidays

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If you receive new electronic toys for Christmas and don't know what to do with your old TVs and computers, here's one solution.

Starting January 3rd, Apex Waste Services will offer e-cycling drop-off service, Mondays through Saturdays, at its facility in Dunmore. All televisions and computer equipment will be accepted for recycling, free of charge.

The service is available to all households and to businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

Apex is making the service available because of a new law that gives households and small businesses access to free electronic recycling. The law was passed to save space in landfills.

Apex Waste Services is located at 13 Peggy Parkway at Reeves Street in the Keystone Industrial Park in Dunmore. Hours are 8AM-4PM on weekdays and 7AM-9AM on Saturdays. Call (570) 344-7812.