Valley View football team helping out

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Several weeks ago the Valley View football team decided not to have their 2011 football sports banquet. Instead they wanted to donate money to some worthy causes. A total of $1,000 dollars went towards presents for needy children in the Valley View school district, and school clothing for other children. In a time of need the team gave from the heart.

One by one football players from the Valley View Cougars line up to carry bags of clothing into their weightroom. It’s there where they display the school issued shirts and pants. These items we’re purchased by teacher Chris Burak after the football team donated $500 dollars towards the school clothes drive.

“They gave me $500 dollars and I went out and I purchased brand new school uniforms, shirts, pants, jackets, book bags to provide to the needy students within our district.” said Chris Burak.

The donations didn’t end there. Another $500 dollars went towards buying presents to help with Children and Youth services.

“I know every kid growing up likes to have a footall banquet. That had to be a tough decision? Yes it was nice having a football banquet the past two years, but in the end we kind of figured that giving presents and donating money was more important than our football banquet.” said Brian Lalli.

The whole idea behind donating this money to the two worthy causes was player driven. They came to coach Howanitz with the idea when the season ended.

“Especially this Christmas time we said before there’s a lot of families going thru some unfortunate times, and to be able to help out maybe give them a shirt or some shoes or a jacket is very big for some families. That a lot of people don’t realize there a lot of people in our community that don’t have a lot this Christmas so this will help them out we think.” said George Howanitz.

“Whenever we go out on Friday nights it’s really the kids that still, there’s the one that keep us running. I remember last year we had a speech about fight for the kid on the fence that wants to be a cougar. So kids are a big part of this football and this history.” said Chris Cicilioni.

“I think that the kids that got them are going to be very grateful. The presents that we have I think their really going to appreciate what we’ve done for them.” said Nick Krehel.

From the Valley View Cougars. Happy holidays.