Penn State Ticket City bowl

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The Penn State football team participated in another practice Monday morning without starting quarterback Matt McGloin. McGloin sitting out a second consecutive day still not medically cleared by doctors to be on the football field in pads. McGloin and backup wide receiver Curtis Drake involved in a locker room fight last Saturday afternoon, where McGloin suffered a concussion in the fall.

“Out of 100 times when we fall to the ground I won’t smack my head the way I did, and that’s the way it happened. We’re forced to deal with it now. The doctors and I are doing the best they can to try and get me back to 100%.” said Matt McGloin.

“Both guys got a little emotional. It lasted about 10 seconds that was it. You guys got Matt’s statement on the whole thing probably. Matt’s the quarterback he knows better. He called me up. He’s apologized to myself, the coaches, the team and other people. He’s disappointed it got that far. Sometime that does happen.” said interim head coach Tom Bradley.

“That’s the first time something went down like that since I’ve been here. I mean on the football field it’s different, but in the locker room it’s different.” said Nate Stupar-Penn State senior linebacker.

With all the distractions for this team they still have a football game to prepare for and facing a pretty legit quarterback in Case Keenum. 45 touchdowns and over 5,000 passing yards.

“If you blitz him he’s throwing it quick-if your not blitzing he gets to sit in the pocket for a long time so we’re gonna need pressure on him. We’re gonna need lock down coverage.” said Drew Astorino-Penn State senior safety.

After the Christmas break the Nittany Lions head to Dallas to prepare for their January 2nd game.

“That’s gonna be awesome. It always fun to experience new places and play in new stadiums. I mean the Cotton Bowl that’s about as legendary as it gets.” said Michael Zordich-Penn State senior fullback.