Matt McGloin talks at media day

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The black cloud continues to hang around the Penn State football program. The Ticket-City bowl media day took place Monday December 19th 2011 at Penn State University.

This time the incident was football related. Saturday afternoon an on field argument between Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin and back up wide receiver Curtis Drake continued into the football team’s locker room. That’s where McGloin admits that he and Drake started fighting . With McGloin ending up on the floor. The junior quarterback says he suffered a bruised shoulder and a concussion. He was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center and later released. McGloin is taking full responsibly for his actions and feels like this won’t be a distraction for the upcoming bowl game. McGloin at practice on Monday watching but not practicing. After a series of concussion tests doctors at Penn State have not cleared the Penn State signalcaller to return to live action. Penn state is in the middle of preparing for the Tickey City bowl January 2nd in Dallas Texas against Houston.

“Out of 100 times wnen we fall to the ground I won’t smack my head the way I did, and that’s the way it happened. We’re forced to deal with it now the doctors and I are doing the best they can to try and get me back to 100%.” said Matt McGloin.

“I’m disappointed that it got that far. I have to be honest with everybody here. I’ve been here for 33 years. I’ve seen fights before. We’ve had them on the field. Anybody’s that’s played athletics is going to be honest here, they’ve seen pushing and shoving and swinging, and that does happen so I’m not going to sit here and say it doesn’t happen because it does. This is just an unfortunate incident where we had a young man get hurt.” said Tom Bradley-interim head coach.

Penn state is still looking for a permanent head coach. Interim head coach Tom Bradley did interview for the Penn State open position on Friday.