Raisin Filled Cookies

Raisin Filled Cookies

by Country Cupboard, Lewisburg, PA

1 cup shortening

2 cups brown sugar

2 eggs

1 cup milk

2 t. vanilla

7 cups all purpose flour

2 t soda

2 t. baking powder

Cream the shortening, then add the sugar gradually. Add the well-beaten eggs and beat the mixture until it is smooth. Mix in the milk and vanilla. Add the dry ingredients which have been sifted together, and mix well. Roll out the dough and cut it with a round cutter. Put one teaspoon of the filling on a cookie. Place another cookie on top. Do not press the two together. Continue with this procedure until the cookies and filling are used up. Bake the cookies at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until done.


2 cups raisins

2 T flour

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

Combine these ingredients and boil the mixture until it is thick.


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